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FORWARDING  means after we establish an Internet Web Address using
"Your Web Address Name"  we Forward Internet traffic to your existing
website that you update and manage.
It is simple and elegant.

  • Register domain name and Forward traffic to your web site: $78/year ($1.50/week)
  • .com   .net   .org   .biz   .info   .name   .us    ALSO: .ca (Canada) .de (Germany) .fr (France) .uk (UK)
  • Consulting fee: helping you pick a domain name: $45 (us$) per hour
  • Hosting your web site: We suggest you get free web space from your Internet provider.
    That free space will have highest security and our DNS servers will retain highest security.
    This combination equals: lowest price, highest security and best performance!
    We register your domain name, then forward traffic to your free space.  Simple!

Explanation of Domain Forwarding/Cloaking:
Our domain forwarding/cloaking services enable users like yourself to eliminate expensive web hosting fees. With domain forwarding/cloaking, you can set up your web site on free web space from your Internet provider, and make it look like your company is located at a domain you select to register. For example, one of your customers types "" into the url bar of their browser. That user will be automatically forwarded to your actual web site hosted somewhere like "" Even though the browser is forwarded to somewhere other than, is still listed in the url bar and the title specified in the settings panel would be displayed at the top of the browser window.

We supply .com  .net  .org  .biz  .info  .name  .US domain names

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